Pile Wire Specialists to the Trade since 1876

William B Swift is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pile wire for the carpet-making industry, exporting our high quality products globally, and dealing with the premier members of the carpet textile industry.

Established in 1876, we have grown to become one of the most sought-after manufacturers.  With our factory premises extending thousands of square feet rest assured we can supply your requirements.


* Pile weaving wire for any make of loom, cutting wire or loop wire, from height 0.80mm to 35mm, width 0.80mm to 2.25mm, length upto 5475mm.

* “Swiftcut” Textile Blades.                     IMG_3883

* Circular knives and spade knives for face-to-face looms, and also grinding stones.

IMG_38962                        IMG_3888


* Finest quality hardened, tempered and polished flat or round wire – in coils or in straight lengths, supplied short for reed dents from 1″ lengths.

Looking for a one off small quantity of steel, we can produce in 20-25Kg coils.

Hardening and tempering is a thermal process that strenghtens steel through controlled heating and cooling.  After hardening, the wire is reheated or “tempered” back to remove brittleness and relieve internal stresses.  Tempering increases the toughness and ductility of the wire.

Hardened and tempered wire is commonly used in a wide variety of spring making applications.

* Oil tempered Wire

Oil Tempered Wire is a steel wire with superior elasticity and ductility obtained by Oil-Quenching and Tempering process.  OT wire has excellent resistance against heat, fatigue and deformation.  OT wire’s main applications are springs for repeated (cyclic) dynamic loads, including engine value spring.


IMG_3886                                IMG_3887


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